about wild lulita

By Lucy Cheyney, Founder

Wild Lulita is a passion project that promotes a healthy, delicious, sensual and sustainable lifestyle.

A creative kitchen bringing you beautiful VEGAN & GLUTEN FREE CAKES. 

Bespoke cakes made with delicous natural ingredients.

Having spent over a decade in the culinary world, Wild Lulita is my dream project. Bringing together everything I love. Bridging the gap between healthy food and sensuality. Creating cakes that are not only delicious, but also healthy and beautiful. 

My constant aim is to find a balance between the food we eat and our health and wellbeing, whilst still finding enjoyment and pleasure in the process. 

As humans we are in the constant pursuit of pleasure, let us enjoy every mouthful without the guilt. 

More than just a cake shop. A female led business specialising in vegan cakes and gluten free cakes, that also supports and promotes female creatives based in Barcelona.

Celebrating the abundance of local products that embrace a sustainable, sensual, creative and healthy way of life. Creating a welcoming environment, making the healthy choice easy and delicious.

creative products

Made by women from Barcelona & beyond, found in store and available online

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